TraqMate makes it in to our new magazine...

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TraqMate makes it in to our new magazine...

Postby RC45 » Tue Sep 26, 2006 3:01 am

Zero to 60 Magazine goes live....

A huge thanks to Nthfinity, Jabba, AgentOrange, SameerRao and bunch of other folks for hanging there as we slogged over months and months to get this idea off the ground.

An extra special thanks goes to DriversSource Houston for granting access to an unbelievable list of cars and MSR Houston for providing the venue for the track tests and TraqMate for a great testing product.

Thanks for Jabba coming through to be the host and new home for the Magazine and the upcoming exciting content.

Here's an extract that explains why and wo we are:
Well, here we are - Issue Number 1 of hopefully many more to come.

The first question to pop into everyone’s mind is “What does the world need yet another Automotive Magazine for?”

My answer is simple - The world needs another automotive magazine because I could not find one I liked. We have magazines for Imports, magazines for Domestics, for Classics, for Race Cars, for Econocars, for Supercars, for Race Drivers - hell there are even magazines about NASCAR for goodness sakes.

There are magazines about automotive lifestyles, magazines for specific marques and magazines for almost everything in between.


I couldn’t find a magazine that even tried to spend the time to serve the Performance Enthusiast. I can hear you all now “But what about MT or C&D or R&T etc - they all serve the Performance Enthusiast”. I do not believe they do, I believe they take a lot of time and pride in delivering great articles and content about cars that the Performance Enthusiast might be interested in if they can afford them.

They take a lot of time and pride in delivering great articles and content about the sports of motor racing and the races.

What Zero to 60 aims to do is report on the actual Performance enthusiasts and their cars. That’s right folks - we are taking the time to go
around and meet and greet and drive WITH the Performance Enthusiasts who share our passion for Spirited Driving.

We are taking enthusiasts and their cars out onto the race track and logging data, comparing notes and delivering a verdict on exactly what your fellow enthusiasts are driving, how they are driving it and where possible, to see how close the car performs to the numbers the “Main Stream Press” publish - and does the car live up to their evaluation, if they made one.

In this issue we visit a car that has been labeled as a vicious and visceral performer that is a deadly mixture of light weight, demon handling and astonishing stopping power that in the wrong hands will turn around and slap you silly - the 200bhp, 1100lb Caterham Superlight R.

Well, at first we had the same impression - but then after taking the time to get to know the car and more importantly, sharing time with a assionate owner that knows how to extract the performance from the car we realized that the Superlight is one of the best handing and most drivable cars ever.

So - we invite you to join us as we visit Performance Enthusiasts and get to know the cars they call their own. We will be looking at cars as varied as Porsche GT3’s and Corvette Z06’s, Lotus Exiges and Dodge Vipers and Ferraris, BMW’s and Panoz’s and everything else.

To read the rest and have a look at a brand new ezine head to this link:
Image ... 98&start=0

Thanks again to all involved that helped tame this beast and have it pointed in the right direction before we stomped on the gas.


Postby Guest » Tue Sep 26, 2006 10:40 am

Thanks for the post, looks like a great magazine you have started.

This magazine really caters to the performance enthusiast in a way that I never seen. It features cars and information that other magazines simply don't cover. Very interesting read with lots of detailed track maps. Great photos and embedded video as well.

I read a lot of magazines and this one is already high on my list and its only there first issue.

If you enjoy magazines like Grassroots Motorsports, EVO, Winding Road. You will like this one.

If you’re a real enthusiast, do yourself a favor and check it out.


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Postby RC45 » Wed Sep 27, 2006 4:12 pm

Thanks for the kind words.

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