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TraqDash Analog Inputs

Postby Andre' Surles » Wed Mar 28, 2012 10:18 am

This is the procedure for a TraqDash. Procedures for the Traqmate Classic Display Unit are similar and outlined in the Users Manual.

When tapping any gauge

Connect the wire from the sending unit that goes to the gauge to a TraqData analog input.
On the TraqDash, go to Race Setup / Vehicle Setup / <choose vehicle> / Vehicle Settings / Inputs

Touch the Analog input you wish to enable. The are labeled with predefined values but they are in this order.
Upper left, Analog 0
Upper middle, Analog 1
Lower left, Analog 2
Lower middle, Analog 3

Press the Enable button. Now you will see the voltage reading for that analog.
Choose Edit Scale to select the voltage range for that input, 5, 10, or 20 volts, depending on the expected voltage from the sensor. 5 is the default and is usually the correct choice.

Now turn on the vehicle and note the voltage and the gauge reading for both ends of the scale.
For example, if you are setting up a water temperature gauge:

At 75 degrees ambient temperature, the gauge will read 75 and the voltage might read 4.2V.
Now start the car and get it up to operating temperature. The gauge might read 190 degrees and the voltage might read 0.6V.

Choose Edit Scale and enter the lowest voltage reading and its corresponding value and the highest voltage reading and its corresponding value.
Press the red back button
Now press Edit Alarm to set an alarm value and assign the alarm to one of the LEDs on the left side of the TraqDash if desired.
Press the red back button twice and the display will show you the reading for the analog you have configured.
You can also see the analog in a simulated gauge while in any recording mode by pressing at the top or bottom of the screen until the gauge screen is displayed.
Redline! Redline! Redline!

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