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ChaseCam PDR Firmware

Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2007 4:49 pm
by Track Systems
This is the latest version. It has been tested for timing compatibility with TraqCam. This version has a graph showing time remaining on card and allows you to change the first three letters of the filename. You could enter your car number for example.

Click link below to download.


Put the file update.bin on the root of a CF card to update a PDR100 unit in the field. The field update is forced to launch by holding down the "MENU" key when the PDR100 is turned on. Be sure to keep holding the "MENU" key until the information screen appears on the display. If the CF card is inserted and has update.bin on it, the updater will erase and reprogram the application.

Be careful not to accidentally lose power during this operation. It is probably wise to do this with fresh batteries or when running on external power. When the update is complete, it will turn its power off. If it fails, it will display an error message and wait for the user to turn the power off. Either way, the only way to go back to the running application is to turn power off and on again. The field update preserves any settings, except that the new application version may choose to ignore any prior version's settings and revert to default values.