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How to run Traqview/Traqstudio on a Mac

Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2013 12:42 pm
by Andre' Surles
Traqview and Traqstudio are natively designed to run on the PC. However plenty of people use the system with a MAC.

You can either install Bootcamp or VMware Fusion on you your mac to allow your MAC to run another operating system.

Once that is complete you can install the operating system of your choice, XP works great and is extremely cheap these days.

Running Bootcamp your mac will be 'bootable' as a MAC or a PC. When using Bootcamp Windows takes full advantage of the Mac's power.

Running VMware allows you to run Windows as a program while your normal Mac operations go on undisturbed. It isn't quite as powerful but if you have enough ram it isn't a big deal. When connecting to a Classic or Basic via the USB it will ask you which operating system you would like to connect to, this applies to any USB or SD Card reader you may have on your Mac. You can specify which items you want to 'connect' to which operating system on the fly.