Porsche 996 GT3 install

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Porsche 996 GT3 install

Postby Andre' Surles » Thu Oct 22, 2009 10:07 am

My traqmate + traqdata install on my 2004 911 GT3.

1st off, a big thanks to Dell and Toby for their help and making this install possible.

I have three additional sensors hooked up via the traqdata module. They are RPM, brake pedal and TPS (throttle position sensor).

To get RPM I connected to the DME pin # E6.
To get the brake pedal I connected to the 3rd brake light. The positive lead is black/brown.
To get TPS I connected to the DME pin # D13.

Traqmate setup:
RPM, cylinders 1

Brake, D4 (I was originally treating this as an analog signal)
Gas, A1 - Low 0.323v, High 1.633v, Alarm 2 volts (don't really care).

For whatever reason you will need to enter 0.339 for Low and 1.649 for High to get 0.323 Low and 1.633 High as the saved values. After entering the values verify the correct values were saved to the DU by clicking on "Save IO Setup", then close Traqview, reconnect and look at IO Data.


And now the pictures...

I piggy backed off my V1 hard install for power.

Getting the wires routed to the back of the console.

To make the unit fit, I had to cut out a void for the unit to slide back into to. The front of the console also had to be cut to fit the wires off the traqdata module and antenna and power cable.

Notice the corner (bottom right), I cut an access slot to be able to screw the console down.

The GPS antenna is routed along the bottom of the windshield and down the right pillar.



I made a quick disconnect to the DME.

This is where I tapped into the 3rd brake light.

The project was fun, now I can't wait to get some real data. :D


This installation may result in LIMP mode. See the thread below for more details. I'm still uncovering the problem/solution.

http://forums.rennlist.com/rennforums/9 ... -mode.html
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