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Traqview/Windows Settings

Postby carter » Tue May 15, 2007 8:00 am

Microsoft Windows has a a setting that displays a window's contents when moving or resizing. Usually this is a nice effect, however in Traqview, when resizing a Track map, Brake/Turn Zone Map or other graphs the entire dataset must be re-plotted. For large sessions this can cause a noticeable delay when re-sizing or even moving a window over the graph. Also this appears to be the default in Windows XP.

There is a solution (which some of you might already know about). From the XP Start Menu, select 'Settings', then 'Control Panel' and 'Display'. On the Display window select the Apperance Tab and then the Effects button. On the Effects form, uncheck the box marked 'Show Windows Contents When Dragging'.

Now when resizing or moving only an outline is shown. The window is re-drawn and graphs plotted when the done moving.

I have seen this setting in various places on different versions of Windows but the effect is the same.


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