Traqview and Traqstudio Tips

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Traqview and Traqstudio Tips

Postby Andre' Surles » Tue Jan 08, 2008 4:44 pm

This is a small collection of video tutorials designed for new users.

Traqview and Traqstudio Tips

Traqmate Unit Connect
Unit connect and setup in Traqview. Great for adding drivers, tracks and cars to personalize your system. Making it easy to scroll through at the track and make your selection.

Traqmate Setup Window
Setup window for Traqview & Traqstudio - this is the MAIN area where you can choose what to display for graphs, laps, and pretty much everything.

Downloading Data
Demonstration about how to download data from your Traqmate. Simply plug your unit into your PC and begin to download sessions.

Deleting Data
Demonstration about how to delete data from your Traqmate.

Opening A File
Demonstration of how to open a file in Traqview/Traqstudio

Traqview Adding and Additional
Demonstration shows you how to add an additional driver. This is a great way to compare multiple drivers or multiple laps of yourself. Easily overlay laps and compare who is faster where and why.

Brake & Turn Zone Maps
See your shift points, braking points, turn in points and any areas where you are coasting.

Cursor Options for Graphs
Great for comparison and learning between to drivers or two sessions.

Session Tools
Demonstration of how to use Session Tools in Traqview/Traqstudio

All Tab
Driver Setup All Tab allows for quick selection of laps and driver for comparison

Creating Segments on Track
Segment Options
Demonstration of the segment analysis window and how easy it is to compare various drivers/laps throughout the track. Everything is colored coded-green is faster and red is slower. You can auto create segments or drag and drop them where you please. The segments also allow you to create a Theoretical Best Lap-based on all the laps selected for that driver. Video can instantly be linked to the TBL as well in Traqstudio.

Demonstration of how to add graphs in the setup window. Graphs 'stack' on top of one another and are great for comparing multiple laps/drivers. You can see the colored segments at the top of the graph window. Invaluable tool in becoming a better driver.(Flickering is my graphics card.

Rally and Auto-x Mode
Demonstration of how to the Auto-x and Rally mode work in Traqview/Traqstudio

Theoretical Best Lap
Demonstration of Theoretical Best Lap. Using segments created on the track based on multiple laps the data shows you your best possible lap by comparing segments.
You can see the best line through the corner visually and break down your data to see exactly what you did to achieve that. This is an outstanding way to be really hard on yourself.

Traqstudio Theoretical Best Lap & Gauges
Demonstration of the Traqstudio. Theoretical best lap links data and video together. Using segments created on the track the video/data shows you your best possible lap. You can see the best line through the corner visually and break down your data to see exactly what you did to achieve that. Traqstudio jumps the video and data instantly as you pass over each segment.

Traqstudio with Gauges
Traqstudio Video Gauges

Writing Video in Traqstudio
Shows you how to write video in Traqstudio using different formats and dash positions.

Selecting Gear Based on Tire Size
Demonstration of how to use the Gearing selection based on Tire size in Traqview/Traqstudio

Auto Selecting Gears
Demonstration of how to use the Auto Gearing selection based on Speed and Track Position.

File Find
Easily Find Files on your HD or Card

Video Find
Easily Find Videos on your HD or Card

Video Dash Options
Check out all of your options for dashes.

Friction Circle
A powerful tool for driver analysis and car setup.

Right Click
A quick and easy way to access everything.

Data Made Easy
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Re: Traqview and Traqstudio Tips

Postby Firny87 » Sun Feb 27, 2011 4:15 am

Hi Andre. Thanks for these tips about Traqview and Traqstudio.

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