Tip for Manual Data/Viideo Synchronization

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Tip for Manual Data/Viideo Synchronization

Postby Track Systems » Thu Jul 24, 2008 6:35 pm

For those not using our pre-synchronized TraqCam setup (Traqmate + ChaseCam PDR), here is a tip to make manual data and video synchronization easier.

First of all, start your Traqmate and your video recorder as close together as possible. This will ensure that they will be close when you load them into TraqStudio.

To get them exact, it is best to have a cue on the data and video. For example, when entering the track, hit the brakes hard and wave your hand in front of the camera. Then you can cue up the data to where the brake light comes on and the video to where your hand appears. Lock them together and you are good to go.
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