Combining Multiple Video files into One Video

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Combining Multiple Video files into One Video

Postby Andre' Surles » Thu Mar 15, 2012 11:57 am

The Mobius & GoPro HD is not unlike other digital cameras in that it can only create files of a certain size, after that size is reached it starts a new file on the card. Fortunately it does this seamlessly while recording and you never notice.

However in order to playback the entirety of longer races you will need to combine those multiple files into one file (*alternate method below as well)

Example Hour Long Race- GoPro will start and record the first 25mins on 1 file, It will then start a 2nd file seamlessly to finish up the race. The Traqmate will simply record one session file for the entire race.

Combining Multiple Videos

Preferred Method
Race Render

Alternate Method (older)
Download latest Avidemux (recently updated)

File Open first file

File Append second and subsequent files (in order)

Set Audio Output to AAC (lav)
Set Output Format to MP4 Muxer

Click on leftmost floppy disk icon for Save Video.

For GoPro
This document describes how to combine those video files into a single file for use with TraqStudio.
***Please download the below PDF for full instructions***

The best solution we have found is the free program called AVIDEMUX. It does not re-code the video files so it is very fast. Combining 2 files takes just a few minutes with no loss of quality.

For 32 bit version (works on all Windows PCs, 32 or 64 bit):

For 64 bit version (works only on Windows-7 64 bit)

*Alternatively you can analyze the first 25mins of the race and when you get to the end you can open the second video file on the GoPro SD card and analyze the end of the race.
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