Traqview for Windows Software - 3.40

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Traqview for Windows Software - 3.40

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Traqview 3.40

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Traqview 3.40 Enhancements
Traqview / TraqStudio had to be completely rewritten to and converted to the .NET architecture. This consumed the majority of the effort in this release, plenty of features have been added however. A more intensive feature focused release will follow along with some minor bug fixes.

TraqStudio is now combined with Traqview for simple installation. You can easily upgrade to TraqStudio at anytime right from the program.

Traqview / TraqStudio 3.40 Enhancements and Bug Fixes
Windows 8 Compatibility
Signed USB Drivers, Windows XP, 7, and 8 Compatible
Simplified and Streamlined Install Process

Traqview and TraqStudio Features

Better way to compare laps in single session.
TBL no longer uses segments from out lap or in lap
Added button on toolbar that opens Traqview / TraqStudio User Manual and Button on toolbar that links to website
Upon opening .tqm file from SD card, offers option to copy files to the PC in Traqmate folder structure.

Bug Fixes

Same lap plays over and over in single cursor by distance mode.
TraqDash .tqm files show with incorrect date if File Open list.
When converting gear ratios from TraqDash, implement intelligent rounding.
During playback, car location dot on track map flickers.

General Usability Improvements

On tqm file open or add driver, automatically open setup pop up to show lap times.
On file open, if .tqs or .tqm files are present in current folder show a file count as (x).
Change verbiage on save message at exit to "would you like to save data and layout as...".
Changed pop up menu to say connect to Traqmate Classic Display or Traqmate Basic. Move open file to top of list.
Help pulldown. Add links to User Manual, Web FAQs, Forum Web Support, Web Help Videos, and Store link to upgrade to TraqStudio.
Installation copies demo files to Traqmate Data folder.
New install menu system. Link to YouTube play list or Traqmate website section. Link to TraqDashPC simulation.
Separate Theoretical Best Lap on Setup screen from list and use full spelling for clarification.
Renamed export file format

Traqview 3.00

Click Here to Download

Traqview 3.00 Enhancements along with page number in new User Manual

• Optional Friction Circle Cursor Trails and Vector Display, p. 30
• Single or separate distance cursors, p. 30
• Save program screen layout, p. 42
• Time/distance graphs 'collapsed' on setup screen, p. 42
• All tab in Driver Setup screen for changing multiple driver setup. p. 43
• New auto-segment methods, p. 46
• Search for session/analysis files, p. 32
• Right click options, p. 28
• Improved communications with Traqmate Basic
• Improved gauge scaling at 100% of range

Traqview 2.15

Click Here to Download


Support for New PCs
- Vista 64 Support with new USB driver (NOTE: XP 64 is not supported)

More Speed
- Faster session download time
- Faster firmware upgrades

New Graphs
- Horsepower and Torque vs Time And Distance graphs
- Min/Max/Average Horsepower and Torque on Segment Analysis

- Elevation and Turn Radius vs Time and Distance graphs
- Entry/Exit/Min/Max Elevation and Turn Radius columns on Segment Analysis

More Information
- New Car Info tab on Setup Form allowing the user to change the track name, enter track temp, tire pressure, aerodynamic and tire rolling friction data, track notes and vehicle notes as well as gear ratios
- Sessions downloaded from the Traqmate are timestamped with the date/time of when the session was actually recorded
- New driver info tab on Setup Form allowing the user to change driver name and enter notes

Playback Options
- Redesigned navigation bar that implements fractional (ie slow motion) playback speeds.

Better Data
- Improved spike detection for Velocity Vs Time and Distance graphs

- More stability. We have fixed the memory leak issues that caused the program to occasionally crash after long usage periods
- In gear setup, the tire circumference can now be entered manually
- Fixed problem in Time Gap Graph that would crash Traqview/TraqStudio
- Fixed issues with renaming a sessions track/driver
- Fixed problems related to number of sessions/drivers/graphs
- Fixed issue with Autocross mode not detecting finish line correctly
- Gear position is included if available in the Trackvision export

Traqview 2.10

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Gear Information
New gear graph created
Shows what gear driver is using in both graph and on dashboard.
User interface to enter tire size, diff ratio, gear ratios for programming vehicles in Traqmate.
User interface to select gear based on point on track to enter gear information in data that is already collected as long as RPM has been recorded.
Analysis files will have gear info included
Gear info saved to analysis file for easy retrieval.

Support for new SU Basic Parameters
Turn on speed, turn off time, button enable/disable
Set the speed where the Traqmate Basic will start recording
Set the amount of standstill time required for Traqmate Basic to stop recording

Segment Timing Mode
Data recorded in segment timing is imported with correct start/finish lines and run times
Do detailed analysis on rolling-start Hillclimb such as segment analysis, acceleration/braking map, velocity vs. distance, and time-gap graphs

Color-code driver names in session tools
Driver name window is now color-coded the same as vehicle icon for easier selection
Easier to find and select proper driver to apply changes

40Hz Improvements
Improved 40Hz accuracy in conjunction with Traqmate updates
40Hz mode now more usable and accurate.

Segment Length (distance) is now exported
New export item shown in .CSV file export
Useful for more detailed performance calculations in spreadsheet program.

Vehicle color recorded in export file
Export format has a line item listing vehicle icon color
Easier to record coordinated information such as image and data exports.

Time Gap Graph improved
Improved handling of situation when comparison driver distance is shorter than reference driver
Better TimeGap analysis.

Move Segments when TBL is selected
Drag and drop sector boundaries work with TBL.
Easier to use interface when working with TBL.

Support for Large Fonts and non-standard DPI settings
If Large Font is selected in Windows, Traqview will format screens accordingly.
Easier to read data for small screens or those with less visual acuity.

Cursors now shown in export images
Cursors and cursor annotations now saved as part of export image.
Easier to record relative speeds or other graph information in an export image.

Improved Graphs
Horizontal tic mark on distance/time graphs
Easier to determine the exact crossover point between cursors and graphs.

Bug Fixes
When downloading sessions and the session list has been sorted won't always get the correct file
Resolves source of upload problems.

When Session Tools is selected, focus reverts to the last MDI form (track map, video window etc)
Resolves data entry problem.

Start Lines not aligned when inverting x/y axis
Eliminates need to reset S/F after a Swap Axis function.

Lap numbering now starts at zero
First race lap in video or data playback will be 1 rather than 2. This will also properly correlate with lap numbering on Traqmate Display Unit.

Traqview 2.05 (and Traqview Video)
Click Here to Download

NOTE: This file will update either Traqview or Traqview Video to the 2.05 Release

New Features

- Graphic Video Dashboard with analog gauges showing velocity, rpm, G-Meter and small track map
- Theoretical Best Lap Video Playback - stitches together best video segments
- Improved graph printing
- Vehicle cursors are now shown on printed graphs
- Scroll bars added to dashboard panel when there are more drivers than can fit on the screen
- Number of drivers that can be displayed increased from 6 to 8
- Track Facts display showing information for the current track
- Scoreboard tab on segment analysis showing breakdown of each segment by lap
- Driver Setup option now appears on Tools drop down menu
- Traqview now 'remembers' path to video files and path to Traqmate firmware files
- Added segment indicators for the vs Distance graphs.
- Added auto-replay function so you can loop data and/or video continuously.

Corrections / Enhancements

- Trackvision export now uses the currently selected units
- Default directory for exporting data (raw or Trackvision) is now the path of the last Session or Analysis file opened
- Trimming a session now updates any other sessions active with new reference positions
- When using File->Save As, the 'save as' file name becomes the application document name
- Forward Play now works for video/data alignment (Video Settings)
- When printing graphs, preview matches printed output
- Printed graphs are now sized for the target printers paper size
- Theoretical Best Lap (TBL) now works with Time Gap Graph
- Brake Turn Zone graph thresholds are now used when exporting Trackvision data

Traqview 2.01
Click Here to Download

New Features

- Integrated synchronized video playback (Traqview Video only)
- Improved driver dash board layout
- Improved segment interface for precise placement of segments
- Auto-Create Segments
- Graph cursors show actual numerical values
- Better accuracy in segment and lap times
- Segments can be optionally highlighted
- Improved driver/form/lap selection screen
- Time-Gap Graph showing relative time between multiple drivers
- Theoretical Best Lap (TBL)
- Brake/Turn Zone settings used for all drivers and for dash brake/accel indicators
- Sessions in File Open list are initially sorted with most recent on top
- Data grids (i.e. Lap Selection grid, open session, open analysis) are now sortable
- Improved navigation bar with slider which extends to the width of the form
- Addition of +10/-10 second buttons for skipping forward/backwards
- Combined Pause/Play button
- Support for Windows XP themes
- US or Metric units selection
- Ability to plot lines or dots with the Track Map or Brake/Turn Zone Map
- Data filtering by graph
- Ability to delete (moves to recycle bin) session/analysis files from the open/add
- Support for autocross mode - Launch detection
- Separate start/finish lines
- Track Maps now use all available window space when zoomed
- Improved Toolbar Icons
- Context sensitive help on screens throughout application
- Improved interface for creation and deletion of segments


- Issues with artifacts appearing when rendering graphs resolved
- Brake/Turn Zone map now supports zoom
- Brake/Turn Zone map can now be printed
- TBL calculations corrected

Traqview 1.30 - VISTA COMPATIBLE
Click Here to Download

New Features
    Vista install and run compatibility.
    Added synchronized ChaseCam digital video camera control (TraqCam).
    Added digital outputs that can be used as a warning lamp for Analog Inputs (oil pressure, water temp, etc.) and RPM warnings (shift light).
    Added support for lap numbers in TrackVision video export.
    Improved segment export.
    Fixed ‘Sebring’ and other east-facing Start/Finish lines.
    Added RPM support for 2 and 4 stroke single-cylinder engines and 16 cylinder engines.
    Start/Finish type-in coordinates changed to degrees for ease of use & compatibility.
    Improved accuracy of Analog inputs.

Traqview 1.25

V1.25 is a maintenance release that makes Traqview easier to use.

New Features
- New Timezone Session Tool allowing user to change the timezone of a previously recorded session
- Export of Segment Analysis form to .csv file (allows export of laptimes)
- New Time Braking, Average Brake, Average Acceleration, Min Speed columns on Segment Analysis form
- Session upload grid columns can now be sorted by clicking on the column header
- Added Lap column to Trackvision export
- Support for serial/USB ports greater than COM9
- Prevents overwrite of existing session files during session upload

Traqview 1.22

V1.22 is mostly a maintenance release but there is one huge new feature: Race Replay Mode.

Bug Fixes:
Eliminate crashes
Fix the one day off date problem
Allow working with some older files that crashed V1.20
Fix Occasional Wierd Track Offset Problems

New Features:
Race Replay Mode - play back multiple sessions showing where vehicles actually were at a given time. Intended for playing back races with multiple Traqmates in cars without realigning the Start/Finish.

Map rotation for more convenient screen layout

Relisted graph names in setup menu for easier access

Made File name column larger in File Open list

Session Editing Tools Including:
Ability to realign track maps offset due to slow GPS drift
Trim function for shortening session files
Ability to swap X and Y axes in case Traqmate was mounted sideways or upside down

Added Help Windows at strategic places to aid with new and old features. Click on the '?'.

Traqview 1.20

Some of the new features:

Turn Zone Maps
Stacked Graphs
RPM Input
Named Analog Data Inputs
Named Digital Data Inputs
Autodetect USB
Separate Lateral and Brake/Accel Graphs

AutoCross and Dragrace modes were eliminated in 1.20. Use Drive or Gs & Location instead. They will appear in future release with autostart and separate Start & Finish lines.

Traqview 1.15

Supports TrackVision
Brake Zone Maps
Change Driver, Track, Vehicle Names

Traqview 1.10

Traqview 1.00

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